Posted: Jan 10, 2011 8:17 pm
by vombatiformes
I'd like to point out that I think it's quite common sensical that you won't notice something about yourself that is generally taken for granted unless there is something to point it out to you.

You may not notice anything about your physical body and your "gender identity" because there is no discrepancy between the two. Whatever you feel feels normal and there is nothing to alert you to the fact that perhaps the two are not codependent.

There really isn't a consensus on what causes transsexuality, but considering all of the odd things that can happen in development, I don't find gender identity issues very odd in the grand scheme of things. I can imagine a myriad of things that could happen that may cause someone to be wired in such a way that they "expect" to be dealing with a male body and actually develop with female bits or vice versa. That is the clearest way I can describe my own experiences. I've obviously never had any primary male sex characteristics, but I don't *desire* them as much as *already expect them to be there* and thus feel distressed when I take the time to muse on the fact that they are not. I felt similar distress in regard to my breasts because they felt very odd to me and of course inhibited my ability to make myself appear to be more traditionally male-bodied, which was an emotional and a social hindrance.

I do think a lot of what I expect in terms of physicality may be socially shaped, but the actual fundamental need to have a male body is not, I think. (For example, I felt miserable not having a flat chest, but wanting a well-defined chest probably chalks up to vanity. :) )