Posted: Oct 06, 2011 10:49 am
by jay100
cavarka9 wrote:
Fenrir wrote:The OP is an exact copy of that found here, and the first paragraph exists as written in numerous other places. Talk about recurring cycles. :nono:

subash kak is an idiot who claims to have solved the twin paradox from relativity, except there isnt anything to solve. also found codes from the vedas, the bullshit they claim is unbelievable and it is accepted and defended by sociologists of some kinds.

absolute nonsense. On one hand there are things to be done today, here and now and these people are happy, happy with tears of joy in their eyes that their ancestors 2000 years ago, who believed in drinking cows urine and still do now have come up with metaphors that seemingly allude to discoveries backed by evidence and a much better model of knowledge.

those people 2000 yrs ago can be excused for they knew less, but what of today's generation when they ought to know better.

I disagree the fact that people 2000 years ago knew less.. !!! thats an rude statement of an ignorant person !..

have u ever been to historical places especially in India?