Posted: Oct 06, 2011 11:17 am
by cavarka9
Bribase wrote:
jay100 wrote:
I disagree the fact that people 2000 years ago knew less.. !!! thats an rude statement of an ignorant person !..

have u ever been to historical places especially in India?

Unfortunately cavarka9's statement is a factual one. People alive now have a greater understanding of the world around them than in any other age. Never before has there been a better understanding of the subatomic to the cosmic and never before have there been better tools available to disseminate to everyone our understanding of it.

This difference between then and now is why your OP is simply a post hoc rationalisation of science that you have misunderstood enough that it vaguely fits with your favourite religion.

yes, have you considered what actually is rude in what i said?. I was rude to your religion and not to you, those ancestors of yours are m ancestors of mine too. Infact for the most part of 1500yrs a certain group believed in atomism only to see the victory of those who religious and believed in souls and gods. they used to question " if everthing were atoms, then where does karma come from or where does soul exist". "the shape of ancient thought" by thomas mcevilley
So, I would infact claim that given a choice to those thinkers they would want to have known much that we do and perhaps the might be willing to give up their life just to know more.