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by Saim
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I think it is proper forum to discuss about Buddha; so the relevance is obvious.

Obvious is self-evident, does not need any evidence; that is why it is called as such; we observe thousand of things in daily life that are self-evident or obvious.

The Byzantine Greeks were Buddhists?

I don't know much of history; I never claim to be a scholar; I am an ordinary man in the street.

But you may like to read the following entry on Byzantine Greeks and Buddhists from Wikipedia:

"Greco-Buddhism, sometimes spelled Graeco-Buddhism, refers to the cultural syncretism between Hellenistic culture and Buddhism, which developed between the 4th century BCE and the 5th century CE in the area covered by the Indian sub-continent, and modern Afghanistan, Pakistan and north-western border regions of modern India. It was a cultural consequence of a long chain of interactions begun by Greek forays into India from the time of Alexander the Great, carried further by the establishment of Indo-Greek rule in the area for some centuries, and extended during flourishing of the Hellenized empire of the Kushans.[citation needed] Greco-Buddhism influenced the artistic, and perhaps the spiritual development of Buddhism, particularly Mahayana Buddhism, which represents one of the two main branches of Buddhism.[1] The Buddhist religious system was then adopted in Central and Northeastern Asia, from the 1st century CE, ultimately spreading to China, Korea and Japan."

There was some interaction between the two.

You may like to read the whole entry; no compuslion however

Are you serious? The Byzantines and the Greco-Buddhists are not the same people just because they were both Greek cultures. Byzantines were around later and in the Mediterranean area, while the Indo-Greeks lived in a different part of the Eurasian continent and date back to Alexander's time. That article is not about "Byzantine Greeks and Buddhism", the Byzantines are not mentioned at all in it, it's about (ancient) Greeks in general and Buddhism.

I'm surprised no-one pointed this out.