Posted: Mar 29, 2014 2:08 am
by Calilasseia
Blackadder wrote:
lujackskylark wrote:There are people watching the movements of Russia in the link below. Do you believe the news articles are accurate? :popcorn: ... touch.html

Will Putin stop with the absorbtion of the Ukraine into his new Russian empire or will Putin have all former Soviet Republics back into the Russian orbit?

If you are going to cite a source that is designed by and for the mentally deficient, it is unlikely that you will receive many serious answers.

Always assuming that "batshit insane made up shit" constitutes an answer of any sort, of course.

Putin may be a nightmare in the making for a range of reasons, but those reasons will be grounded in the age old habit of humans in power wanting even more of it, and wanting even more other humans under his control. You don't need some acid-trip piece of mythology to make you wary of this.