Posted: Jan 25, 2015 5:38 pm
by ixolite
As Haredi Poverty Deepens, Young Married Haredim Feel An Even Greater Sense Of Entitlement – Because They Were Raised To

"My parents pay our rent and we go to them and my wife’s parents just about every Shabbos [to eat], and we also take frozen foods and cans [home to our apartment from their house]. Yes, we are parasites.… So what do you want? We should die of starvation? We should live on the street? We shouldn't buy diapers? What do you want from us?" – a young married haredi yeshiva student. ... e-123.html

Haredi Children Sue Parents Over Financial Support

Haredi children are suing their parents at an alarming rate over wedding gifts that don't match up to what they were promised by the parents. For example, a father promises his prospective son-in-law's family that he will buy the couple an apartment in Jerusalem if the boy agrees to marry his daughter. But after the wedding, the apartment purchased for the young couple isn't in Jerusalem. Instead, it's in Beit Shemesh, a suburb, or in Ashdod, a port town with a large haredi community about one hour away by car (or 2 1/2 hours by bus) from Jerusalem. So the children sue.

Many young couples have they own private little store, their parents kitchen. How simple is it to just come over for a night or Shabbos open the cabinets and remember that you forgot to buy pasta or oil and simply take it.…

Sometime the parents order a large delivery of trays of chicken and turkey that will last until Tu Bishvat, at least that is what they thought. But their child, a father of 3 himself, sees the freezer full of chicken trays and takes a few. Who will notice if before there were 10 and now there are only 7?…
Someone told about a respected Jew in Ashdod who, every time his married children come for a visit, moves all of the cans to a higher closet, they hide everything.… ... t-123.html