Posted: Apr 16, 2015 12:48 pm
by DarthHelmet86
It seems that you flick a switch when it is isolated from the electrical circuit. And at some point after that the switch connects to the circuit and if it is in the on position the light turns on if it isn't it stays off. That sounds a lot like flicking the switch turns the light on and I can bet it does it in a short enough time since the whole point is to turn a light on without making god angry. So without religious wibbling about what is and isn't really truly meant by the scripture it is a person turning on a light.

The Jewish religion is filled with odd rules and clever people working out how to break them so that their religion doesn't actually impact their life in any meaningful way. You would think people who believe in an all knowing god wouldn't want to test his rules with tricky "But I didn't really break the rule now did I" stuff since he knows that you set out to break the law in the first place.