Posted: Apr 21, 2015 7:44 am
by Zwaarddijk
igorfrankensteen wrote:

The Exceptionalism in the thread title is linked to one of my own guesses as to why so many Christians in particular don't trust Jews. I have heard and read that Jews themselves believe that what makes someone a Jew or not, isn't their knowledge and fealty to their mutual Faith, it is the fact that their mom was Jewish. Add in the notion of the "chosen people," and I can easily imagine a Middle-School-style "clique" resentment situation, where non-Jews hate the Jews, because the Jews declare that "We are all members of a club which is naturally superior to all non-members, and you can't join, because your mom wasn't already a member."

But this contains a factual mistake! Judaism has always accepted converts - it's just that in medieval Christianity (and medieval Islam), accepting a convert lead to Christian (or Muslim) authorities coming down hard on the convert, and sometimes on whichever community accepted him. (Even in those times, converts were accepted, however.)