Posted: Oct 15, 2015 5:45 am
by Darwinsbulldog
Spearthrower wrote:Firstly, how hilarious is it that these self-declared guardians of the faith actually suggest that a 2500 year old religious belief system could be destroyed by a single film. How weak are peoples' beliefs?

Secondly, it's entirely typical in this country for the authorities to sweep difficult things under the rug, and declare that the populace is too innocent/ignorant/naive/emotional to see the banned content. Over and over, this is what the junta and Culture Ministers state is the reason for limiting what they people they supposedly serve are allowed to conceive of.

Thirdly, given the increasing authoritarianism with the current junta, I expect that the report you've cited above will also be blocked very shortly, as will any other mention of it.

Watch Thailand closely over the next 2 years - if it carries on this trajectory, I wouldn't be surprised to see another Khmer Rouge style authoritarian dictatorship here.

I hope you have an emergency escape plan mate! :thumbup: