Posted: May 12, 2016 1:31 pm
by skipbond
Agrippina wrote:
lpetrich wrote:
Hobbes Choice wrote:You mean a guy that lived 160 years, spoke to God, and managed to write about his own death in the Bible a myth??? Are you joking?

As described in the Bible, yes, though the Bible only says that he lived to 120, but with him being in good health over all that time. He died very quickly.

But I'm thinking about a possible historical prototype that he might have had.

No. If there had been such a person, the Egyptians would've recorded it. Here are a few examples of why it's not true:

1) The Egyptians didn't promote slaves into positions of authority even if they were able to interpret the same dreams Daniel interpreted in babylon, a thousand years later.
2) The Egyptians didn't promote foreigners into positions of authority even if they were able to provide food during a famine.
3) There was more than one king of Egypt in the period that Joseph was supposedly living in Egypt, during the years he was imprisoned, and afterwards.
4) The Egyptians circumcised. If any of the Jewish people lived in Egypt, they would have been familiar with circumcision, Moses' supposed circumcision as an adult is nonsense. As a jew he would've been circumcised before his mother put him in a basket as in the story of how Sargon the Great was floated in a basket. A story the Jews got from their exile in Babylon.
5) The 10 plagues are improbable. How did the animals reanimate after they were killed in every plague. Also read the plagues critically: Moses supposedly struck every drinking vessel with his stick to cause the water to turn into blood. So how did he do this? Did he walk from house to house, and stream to stream, and well to well, to strike them, has anyone with believes this actually looked at the size of Egypt? If the river did indeed turn to blood, then everything in it would be dead, including the frogs, and tadpoles, so where did they come from in the plague? Lice isn't a problem, people who don't wash on a regular basis have lice, why should it bother them any more than usual? Then the final plague, why did God need to know which were the Jews he's omniscient, he wouldn't have to follow a blood trail.
The plagues have been scientifically proven to be ecological events and in the correct order.
As far as the Exodus.... ... -a-Verdict

6) There is no archaeological evidence for the exodus. None, nada, nothing. It's a myth.
See above.........
And on and on. Read Exodus very carefully, to see it's just a mythology. Joseph's story is an attempt to provide the Jews with a hero, like Hercules, Daniel is another hero manufactured from other mythological heroes. Moses never lived, Joseph never lived, and the longevity is simply to give credence to the idea that they were an ancient people.