Posted: Jun 24, 2016 12:17 pm
by crank
skepticofskepticism wrote:Sigh.

How easy do you guys make it for others to convince you all of you all kinds of retarded and factually untrue things. And this is supposed to be a "rational" forums.

The media misreported the whole thing - I should know, because it is right next to where my grandparents live. The guy who was unfortunately killed was not killed because of religious strife, but because of a long running feud with another family in the same town. His killers created the aura that as if he was lynched for eating beef, hoping that it would trigger some kind of religious strife. The religious people (who according to you all are people driven to barbarism and unchecked violence) DID NOT bite the bait, and the government was able to conduct its investigation and the murderers taken into custody.

Please if you don't understand the local nuances of something, either take the time to understand them, and don't fit a particular event as per your own prejudices.

Your post would be relevant except for the fact that such killings happen rather too often, though not of a bovine nature. Is such a killing any less believable than killing over a cartoon, or a blog? It's a bit like how in the US, the RightWingnuts have gone so far over the top that truthful reporting is difficult to distinguish from parody.