Posted: Nov 02, 2010 9:44 pm
by amateur
Teague wrote:Shouldn't we at least be fair and even... wouldn't wish to be called bias. Don't Hindus have the internet? :thumbup:

I'm an Hindu and can give you some updates or overview. Please let me what you are specifically looking for.

As Berthold said it is very diverse and often inconsistent (like all other religions but at a more complex level due to multitude of gods).

But over the years Hinduism has become more of a tradition and more recently a quest for spirituality rather than a religion. That is, most people don't take it literally or see it as the only truth or believe that you will burn in hell if you don't accept god. It is more based on karmic philosophy, good will happen those to who do good and evil actions beget evil consequences, irrespective of whom you worship or don't worship. In fact, atheism is an accepted tradition of Hinduism.

But the downside - people are gullible, superstitious, easily believe in all kind of babas, saadhus and other non-sense. Another big monster in the closet is casteism. In my experience almost all hindus with rural background (which is around 70%) are casteist. It is so severe that young couples are brutally beaten and tortured for falling in love with someone from a different caste. In some cases, these can even result in honor killings.

Fundamental Hinduism is more of corrupt politicians inciting the masses by manipulating their hatred towards islam (India has 3rd highest muslim population).

Regarding treatment of women, I think this is a misconception. While there might still be some archaic traditions that are actually oppressive, Hinduism is perhaps the only religion where female goddesses are given much significance and in many traditions the mother goddess is considered as a supreme deity. The rampant abortion of female fetus and dowry system are more of social and economic issues rather than religion.

As a last note, there is widespread Christian missionary activity going on in almost all rural villages and conversion is happening on a large scale. But interestingly, people still keep their caste even after changing the religion :think: and most of other evils persist :thumbdown: . Add to these the newly acquired attribute of intolerance - courtesy bible thumpers - you get a pretty neat idea.