Posted: Nov 03, 2010 6:22 pm
by amateur
IIzO wrote:
Matt_B wrote:You don't get too many Hindus coming around knocking on doors trying to convert you.

C'mon ,don't be so ethnocentric.They make a pretty good job in india.

No, you are wrong. I have been India all my life and it is more likely that you find a Christian at your door step trying to evangelize (due to the missionary activity as I mentioned earlier) than you find a Hindu.

That doesn't mean Hindus won't bother you, but it is of a different variety as compared to Christian junk. Hindus (though not all) can be distinguished by their incredible stupidity to believe in miracle babas even in this modern age. It is more than likely that a hindu acquaint of yours will try to coerce you into accompanying him for a visit to some god man or extoll the virtues of a saadhu or blabber about how you can find inner peace and bliss by meditating with the help of a guru :roll:

Also, if you are in India you might be bugged for monetary contributions for causes like building a new temple or performing charity work on behalf of a religious institution or for some community festival like ganesh nimmarjan (the one where they pollute water bodies by drowning thousands of idols made of dangerous chemicals).

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