Posted: Nov 05, 2010 2:31 am
by Sylvie
IIzO wrote:
Matt_B wrote:You don't get too many Hindus coming around knocking on doors trying to convert you.

C'mon ,don't be so ethnocentric.They make a pretty good job in india.

Err, wrong. Converting other people to Hinduism is nit part of Hindu dogma. In fact, officially you are born a Hindu or you ain't. This is nonsense.

Hare krishnas aren't really Hindus, it's new age devotional jebus-freaks, but Jesus us replaced with Krishna.

The reason we leave hindus alone is that they mostly leave us alone. Also, there's no one dogma/ text/group of clergy that speak for Hindus, so trying to judge 'Hinduism' is like trying to judge cheeseburgers - they are not all the same. There's no point. Poo poling Hinduism while the three monotheisms are still kicking and screaming is pointless. Clearly the lesser of the evils. Atheists do not have to be egalitarian is criticizing religions - some are worse than others.