Posted: Mar 25, 2010 10:50 am
by tnjrp
Autumn Clouds wrote:There is lack of compelling evidence for I dunno, the existance of electromagnetic monoploes. That dosen't mean we should consider them "mumbo jumbo" and throw the entire quantum theory out of the window
Existence of magnetic monopoles has been predicted by certain theories of physics but there is no evidence at all for their actual existence, or even a solid methodology for their detection ATM. The "entire quantum theory" wouldn't go "out of the window" however even if they aren't discovered or can be shown not exist as quantum physics is based on empirical obsevation of certain properties of matter and energy.

Child prodigies are one of the points
What other possibilities beyond rebirth have you considered for child prodigies?

Dr. Ian Stevenson, Carlson Professor of Psychiatry at the Universite of Virginia, has investigated over 2000 cases of (spontaneous recall of past lives), which are documented and published. There are several other reasearchers who have carried out such investigation on children who spontaneously recall past lives. Many of these researchers belong to religions that do not accept rebirth. These children speak volubly, accurately and with unanswerving conviction about their previous lives, and histories related have been verified. In most cases these children voice their past life memories between the ages of two and five. They small and free from memories crowded with information of their current lives. They often use phrases such as "when I was big" and often grumble about their small bodies and even speak resentfully of not being of the same sex as before. (...)
Care to present a specific case?