Posted: Mar 25, 2010 10:52 am
by Autumn Clouds
You make a great point, and to be honest I don't think I can explain it without dabbling into some philosophical nonsense. In other words I simply don't know. And I would be prone to agree with you if the only incredible gifts we see are logical based ones such as for instance gauss with mathematics. But to have complete knowledge of memes?, a six year old playing for the first time a musical instrument and nothing less than a masterpiece comes out?. What about those cases mentioned in the other post?. And how about Cicero's argument that maintains that the speed which children grasp inumerable facts is strong proof of men knowing things before birth?.

How about a four year old girl that speaks 3 languages, programs her computer and reads shakespeare?.

My favorite thing about past life anecdotes is how rare someone claims that in a past life their job was picking corn out of shit, or some such thing. No, you always here how someone's past life was that of someone of note.

Completly agree, but if a three year old can give accurate descriptions of their gruseome deaths, without any manifestation of grandeour and embelishment of the ego, since its not quite developed at that age, it would raise a couple eybrows.

What it seems, at least what this hypothesis states, is that for some reason some children from ages three to seven, can recall past events, and learn at a much faster rate. Then they completley forget everything.
Another important "proof" according to Stevenson is the presence of birth marks and defects in perfect correlation with the wounds of the deceased.
The thing with absolute theories, such as materialism or eternalism is that of all these cases, you just need one, and that one will be enough to disprove both. Is rebirth acceptable then? absolutley not. Is it the most plausible to explain these phenomena? certainly more than the other two options.
We're simply limited by our imagination, maybe there's another explanation for these things.