Posted: Mar 25, 2010 10:59 am
by Autumn Clouds
Existence of magnetic monopoles has been predicted by certain theories of physics but there is no evidence at all for their actual existence, or even a solid methodology for their detection ATM. The "entire quantum theory" wouldn't go "out of the window" however even if they aren't discovered or can be shown not exist as quantum physics is based on empirical obsevation of certain properties of matter and energy.

I know, I study physics, wast just trying to make a point. But there's little empirical evidence for quantum mechanics as a whole, since most observable phenomena occur way beyond the reach of its premises.

Care to present a specific case?

In one instance, Stevenson chronicled the case of a Beirut boy who described his life as a 25-year-old mechanic in minute detail, down to the names of friends and relatives and the particulars of his death in an automobile accident. Such a man was found to have existed and to have predeceased the boy by several years, though there was no clear reason that the boy or his family should have known about this man.