Posted: Mar 25, 2010 11:10 am
by Autumn Clouds
Sorry, you lost me there I'm afraid. Quantum physical phenomena have absolutely been observed :scratch:

Sorry about that one, /hits me lol. Ment String theory, in both cases. Anyways being a statistical theory it could never be absolutely observed.

As for the child I can't find his name anywhere (and I looked), they must be protecting his privacy, I'll try to keep looking and tell you if anything comes up. But here's a literal quote from the article meanwhile:
"In a fairly typical case, a boy in Beirut spoke of being a 25-year-old mechanic, thrown to his death from a speeding car on a beach road. According to multiple witnesses, the boy provided the name of the driver, the exact location of the crash, the names of the mechanic's sisters and parents and cousins, and the people he hunted with -- all of which turned out to match the life of a man who had died several years before the boy was born, and who had no apparent connection to the boy's family."