Posted: Mar 25, 2010 11:39 am
by Autumn Clouds

Well, perhaps we'll not go there as this is not a discussion about M-theory. I'm sure Rome Existed for example would be happy to discuss its (lack of) merit with you if you opened a dedicated thread on it. Wink wink. Nudge nudge.

Love to, but at a later time, got a thermodynamics parcial, uhm mid term I think is the translation, and well didn't do so hot, so I'll try to get my mind off it first.

Like imaginary friends from childhood, maybe? Or are they also, in your opionion, evidence for rebirth? Memories of friends and relatives from former lives? Has it really been consistently tested if the children who exhibit this "much faster rate" of learning retain their ability to assimiliate knowledge and skills in later life or not? And for that matter, how much faster is "much", really?

Agreed, but he's a trained psychiatrist with impecable creedentials, I'm sure he can tell between imaginary friends, santa and his cousin in beirut (which child in their right mind would invent a cousin that lived in beirut? lol my imaginary friend was native american, so who am I to tell? hehe).
The latter point has been proven pshycologically, and there's an obivious evolutionary explanation for it. Learn fast or die sums it up easily. But thats the problem itself, there's a huge lack of reasearch in this area cause it involves the mind, thing that science has gave up (phsycology isin't really a science, at least it dosen't uses the scientific method), since the time of Descartes.