Posted: Mar 25, 2010 11:52 am
by tnjrp
Autumn Clouds wrote:Agreed, but he's a trained psychiatrist with impecable creedentials, I'm sure he can tell between imaginary friends, santa and his cousin in beirut
Trained psychiatrists with impecable credentials (which for this particular one I haven't yet taken time to establish, if indeed it can be established with my resources) are know to be lead astray by their patients. See par example the very good "UFO cautionary tale" of The Jet-Propelled Couch where "Kirk Allen" began to convince his psychiatrist Robert Lindner that he really was a space alien hero.

The latter point has been proven pshycologically
That these children who remember their former lives learn faster than their peers, you mean? Interesting, if true. Got any links to articles on this subject I could read?

But thats the problem itself, there's a huge lack of reasearch in this area cause it involves the mind
Indeed as can be seen by the vast number of consciousness thread on this forum (e.g. one I present below) alone. Zoon described attempts at answering the question of the human mind "a huge mess" IIRC and I tend to agree.

thing that science has gave up (phsycology isin't really a science, at least it dosen't uses the scientific method), since the time of Descartes.
Hmm, fond of controversial subjects, you are :mrgreen:

Just go here and present your case for "no science of consciousness since Descartes" (if that was what you were implying) --> philosophy/another-consciousness-topic-t1487.html