Posted: Mar 25, 2010 12:03 pm
by Autumn Clouds
Ok here's another prominent one hope I don't mess up with the translation, its from the book Twenty cases that suggests reincarnation.
His name was Ravi Shankar, January 19th of 1951 a barber and a uhm lavandero (which translates as the guy who washes your clothes in a laundrymat), tricked and killed with a knife a guy called Ashol Khumar. known as Mmunna. The victim, with only six years old, was the only heir of a guy named Prassad, which apparently was the main motive behind the murder. The severed head of the child was identified by the father. (...) The assasins were realeased due to lack of evidence. Some years later Prassad heard there was a three year old claiming to be his son. And that a barber and the lavandero killed him. Ravi (the child) was asking for toys left in his former house. After they encountered, the child aknowledged him to be his father. But the weird thing comes now, after the child turned 11 he was rememberd of the case, and he said he had absolutley no memory whatsoever of the incident.

This case was severly tested, and no conexion between both families was found.

That these children who remember their former lives learn faster than their peers, you mean? Interesting, if true. Got any links to articles on this subject I could read?

No, no no. I ment that children DO learn faster the us grown ups :).

Hmm, fond of controversial subjects, you are :mrgreen:

lol been kicked out of catholic high school cause of it :grin: I asked them in cathequesim or somethingn like that... "uhm why an omnicient god would need angels?", four more questions later and was expelled hehe.

And I know what you mean but, this thread is getting interesting, I'll focus on that one later. Just because some hippies and new age uhm... hippies use reincarnation for everything dosen't mean we should completly dissmised it.