Posted: Jul 20, 2011 8:13 am
by Shiv
I dont want to keep repeating what I said. But if you believe that "atheism" and "agnosticism" and "rationality" all those other "new age" stuff are actually great discoveries of the modern west, kindly throw that assumption out with that "white male skydaddy" you throw out already!

There's a reason for stuff to exist even after 5000 years, with the last 1000 years spent in slavery. That is enough time to think up all the questions and answer them.

Being brought in a Christian environment, you obviously can only view all religions as the same. Unless if you use your reasoning and critical thinking.

The texts are hard - FOR ME i.e. they are written in Sanskrit and I'm not well versed in that language. I've got to depend on translations and commentaries. Apart from that, they are only as hard or difficult to understand as any other discipline like Genetics or Calculus etc.

andyx1205 wrote:Just to plug something in, Amartya Sen believes that his agnosticism is compatible with Hinduism:


You dont actually need an Amartya Sen to know that. A casual reading of the different systems ought to tell you that the majority of them put "God" in his place. You've simply got to understand that it is more about oneself, than about some invisible, all powerful skydaddy.