Posted: Jul 20, 2011 10:47 am
by cavarka9
Zwaarddijk wrote:But why do you prefer 'faith system', when as I said, a lot of them don't revolve around faith or even consider faith particularly important? It's an equally flawed or even worse substitute.

IMHO it looks like you're being misled by some kind of misguided essentialism.

I agree that I didnt think clearly, that perhaps stating facts as they are is not essentially a good thing for society in general , perhaps there is a need to blur the boundaries verbally to see them blur in our minds as well. I dont defend the word 'faith systems', I said anything along those lines, one could call it as 'systems of living' for example. I havent fixed my mind yet on this issue, I am only discussing.

...something along the lines of 'faith systems' is correct.