Posted: Jul 21, 2011 2:56 am
by Shiv
Once again, you wish to down play the importance of power and religion, werent you the one to bemoan about Islam and Christianity as invaders etc, blame a lot of loss due to these power struggles?.

I'm not here to defend Christianity and Islam. Dont try to divert the discussion by interpreting my own arguments as you wish by including those two political theologies.

Yes, I'm here to defend my own traditions/culture/philosophies and to establish them to be much more better than either Islam or Christianity. That is why I said "not true in an Indian context", because unlike the treatment meted out to atheism as heresy by Christianity and Islam, in India there thrived a very encouraging environment for debate. Which is why you even find those atheistic arguments in records.

Why, are they not human beings, do they not use their brains?.

Very nicely done :P

While I keep repeating that there was astounding amount of intellectual activity in the formation of concepts, their opposition and defense in India, you are so very clever to ask this question. Aint you?

You are doing the same thing that pseudo-liberal, pseudo-secular, pseudo-intellectual pseudo-scholars and the media do in India. State a valid fact, but as though it was a crime. If you are not one of them, then answer my questions properly (and not in a jumble like above), not twisting my defense as you like. I will start our own debate on caste in the other thread.