Posted: Oct 13, 2012 6:24 am
by tuco
Well, I do not think anyone can really help you as you need to help - sort it out for - yourself.

The notion that your mum would be devastated and traumatized for ever can be, and probably is, false. The advice given to you on another board is just one opinion. Parents usually love their kids no matter what and those who do not - and love their faith, job, social status, etc, more - are probably not worth to be tied to in the way you describe. I know it sounds harsh but such is life. Sometimes the only way to have a peace with oneself is to become radical and stand up for what one feels strongly about rather than trying to conform to others, family, friends, society included, and their wishes. And if you would succeed, you'd help your siblings too. Of course, asking for advice on internet is probably not the best idea, and of course it you who needs to make the decision. Listening to too many people who have no idea whats going on in your head, your family, your life is not going to help much in my opinion.