Posted: Oct 13, 2012 6:10 pm
by Ironclad
But if you are close to leaving Uni what is your next step? Presumably you are not going to be sellotaped to your family forever, now is where they (or any family, truth be told) begin to worry about losing you, losing control & wondering what you are really doing.
Now you create your own life, and at a safe distance. Your mother will cope, she will simply adapt, they all do. But maybe you suggest your sister enrols too, somewhere far away but close to where you want to go.

FWIW my gf was a runaway Sikh, it was hell for her & her father traced her to the Uni, but gave up trying to marry her off to a German Sikh & let her 'shame herself'. She found her place eventually & is part of the race relations office for a police force.