Posted: Apr 04, 2015 11:07 pm
by metacristi
In the last decades we have witnessed a resurgence of the old medieval islam which should worry us for it was exactly during this time when the West made the most concessions to islam and the Islamic world. In the place of many so called 'experts' I would give a much more importance to the role which non-muslim pressure (be it only intellectual) played and still play in the relative modernization of islam after the middle of 19th century (when the forces of progress finally had a chance, unfortunately they are still a fragile minority and never managed to neutralize sufficiently the defective parts of sharia, mainly due to the basics of this religion).

There was a good chance to catalyse a real muslim Enlightenment during the phase when the Islamic world was extremely weak, when even enough muslims doubted that sharia in the public area could 'work' well. That chance was missed via a slide from an extreme ('it is not fair that the savages posses a disproportionate part of the world's raw materials for they are incapable to use them') to another one, namely the impotent cultural relativism of today which prevent basically any important criticism of islam, no matter how rational.

We can still attempt to catalyse an Enlightenment in islam but the windows of opportunity when we can do that can be missed completely if we continue to empower the return of islam in public area via passivity (any significant decline of the West for example is likely to create big problems in the muslim world, with important returns toward the past, even in the West itself if the islam stays the same and muslims become sizeable there*). I do not advocate the use of force as a form of pressure but exposing muslims to a rational criticism of islam is a must. Acting as if we are on a boat on the verge of sinking (via attacking unfairly the West, Christianity etc) is not only dishonest intellectually but cannot help a bit in the modernization of islam (why on Earth to want to stay on that boat, more islam is the solution).

I'm sorry if some feel offended by my stance but I would say that it is better to offend muslims now and make them understand that sharia in public affairs cannot work. We have at least to try. Otherwise our followers may even live times when all non muslims become 'islamophobes' even for advocating basic personal freedoms.

*a possibility which cultural relativists cannot contemplate but which is perfectly possible in the light of current evidence, demographic prognoses are notoriously unreliable' cuts both ways