Posted: Jul 15, 2015 11:13 am
by Spearthrower
Peter Brown wrote:
Pub; they close the violent pubs you know, mine was closed because the landlord was waving a shotgun at the mods who invaded one night. so funny.

Oh, they only close the violent ones, do they Peter? I wonder why that is.... do you think it's because it would be unreasonable to close all pubs due to the violence of a few?

Peter Brown wrote:They have bouncers on every town pubs door now; I wonder how Muslims would react to bouncers on Mosque doors? The Synagogues and schools have the Police to prevent the Jews being mugged. Can’t be right.

Once again, what an odd stream of consciousness.

They don't, actually, have bouncers on 'every town pub doors now' - that's simply untrue.

How would Muslims react to bouncers on mosque doors? Why would they need to? Are people murdering each other inside mosques?

It's not only the synagogues and schools which have the police preventing Jews being mugged, it's all of society having the police prevent everyone from getting mugged. Getting mugged is undesirable, that's why we have police officers to deal with it.

Peter Brown wrote:and locally the Conservatives are crusading against every new licence application.

Every licence application for.... ? Pubs? Mosques? Synagogues? Police stations? It's not clear what you're talking about.

Peter Brown wrote:I would say you have more chance of opening a Mosque,...

Oh, you meant that Conservatives are 'crusading' against new pub licenses, and that it would be easier to get a license to open a mosque than a pub?

Would you like to support that supposedly real world contention with some real world evidence?

Peter Brown wrote:... but the Muslims who tried opening yet another mega Mosque were blocked planning permission because there wasn’t the need for yet another one,...

So, confusingly, you next contradict what you said would have had more chance than a pub, and their planning permission was blocked, because there isn't a need for yet another one. That's probably also a common reason why a pub's planning permission might be blocked.

Peter Brown wrote:.... and the smaller one nearer to me is desperate for donations because the Saudi’s didn’t back them like the mega Mosque Muslims.

All religious clerical institutions beg for money - clergy are parasites on the human organism - likewise all religions have foisted off the notion that donations to such institutions are holy. There are far more significant religions with respect to begging for donations - Buddhism is such an example. If you walk out onto the streets at 5 in the morning in Thailand, no matter whether you're in the city or country, there'll be dozens of people waiting to kneel before a mendicant monk come to bless them and take their offerings.

Likewise, temples in Thailand are frequently sponsored by both political institutions, and private ones. Some of the richest temples even support the opening of other temples. This is business as usual for the clerical parasites, and once again very much not unique to Islam.