Posted: Jul 15, 2015 11:29 am
by Spearthrower
Peter Brown wrote:
and the only comment I made when Thomas started on his ranting about other religions was this is a subsection on Islam, take it elsewhere stop derailing the topic on mosques, which isn't a topic about churches or any other hall of woo.

When you make factual errors regarding qualities supposedly unique to mosques or Islam, counter examples showing you that this is not unique is not off topic. Don't be absurd.

Peter Brown wrote:If you can't talk about Islam, then ask questions,...

And who are we supposed to turn to for information on Islam, Peter? YOU? Pull the other one, you're no expert on Islam.

Peter Brown wrote:... but don't get insulting and dismissive as some here have done when Islamic quotes are returned.

As, in fact, only you did when you were shown quotes from the exact same source directly contradictory to the ones you'd cherrypicked.

Peter Brown wrote:Or it will be no wonder when off topic messages are ignored, they deserve to be ignored. My crime has been not ignoring more of them.

It will be no wonder if you start ignoring topics - it's because you can't address them. That's why you've repeatedly ignored all the points of previous posts.

Once again, the fact that you admit to ignoring posts shows that you are absolutely unwilling to engage in any level of discussion. You want an echo-chamber for the virulent nastiness you've uncritically bought into. Sorry, Peter - you are not getting such an echo-chamber here no matter how frequently you stamp your feet. There are other websites that cater to such forms of expression, and if you don't want your absurdities challenged, post your dreck there. That is, of course, not to suggest that you bugger off - you can, of course, post on both forums, but the point is that posting such dreck here will meet posts contending your ridiculous claims, and you getting upset about it.

Peter Brown wrote:
Basically, you can condemn christanity on exactly the same basis that you condemn islam. So why choose one over the other?

and because this is always the same sad tune I'll shout it again in bigger bold stand out type


Islam IS a religion, Peter - that's another false dichotomy you've tried to foist off as fact.

Peter Brown wrote:But I basically disagree with the premice all religions are the same, that really is a false claim which I've seen used to excuse a religion doing bad shit with the smoke screen of all are the same.

Then disagree and make a coherent argument supporting that contention, don't just assert it and simultaneously assert that the other reasoned positions which have been put forward to counter than contention are false. You're not even putting in a modicum of effort - it's as if you expect your claims to be taken as gospel. No, Peter - look at the name of the forum 'rational skepticism'. Your claims are being addressed by people who value rationality and skepticism, and that necessarily involves applications of evidence rather than expressions of certainty.

Peter Brown wrote:Muslims and Christians hate gays, but Islam says kill from high hights, Moses says stone them, whatever and Christianity love the sinner not the sinner, aand that makes all three the same. Jog on.

Again, you run through some cherrypicked quotes in a confusing way that actually contradicts the point you're presumably trying to make.

Moses says stone them 'whatever'? Is it so very different to be stoned to death as opposed to flung off a building? Is there some moral evaluation in there you are making between the two apparently identical expressions of violent repression? Again, Peter - you don't seem to understand your own arguments.

Peter Brown wrote:And I know damn well the people who use this slight of debating hand tactic are hypocrits because in the next paragraph they say, not all Muslims are the same are they. Well when is a Muslim not a Muslim, a Christian not a Christian? When they don't follow the Muhammads example if a Muslim or Jesus if a Christian I'd say, so why isn't that acceptable as a discription and a straw man.

Again, this is totally illegible.

What 'sleight of hand debating tactic' - you haven't yet even talked about one, let alone established it as true.

Next up we're hypocrites because... not all Muslims are the same.....?

How does that make someone a hypocrite?

Finally, you once again churn out yet another expression of defining a True Believer which you have crafted, and which you fail to acknowledge has been used endlessly throughout the history of religion by every group about every other group.

They ALL say that, Peter - our group is right, theirs is mistaken. Why are you indulging in such theological masturbation? It's nonsense, Peter. There is no One True Christianity any more than there is a One True Islam - as atheists we often point this out as being detrimental to their claims that they have received some kind of divine instruction, so why on earth are you capitulating sectarian theistic argumentation?