Posted: Jul 15, 2015 11:33 am
by tuco
Spearthrower wrote:
tuco wrote:7% out of 1.7 bil are violent extremists? That is roughly 120 mil wow shall I be skeptical or just carry on? Carry on.

If you read back through, I've made it quite clear that the percentage I am using is from the least conservative estimates - basically, political pundits on right wing news channels. The more academic sources suggest less than 1%. It doesn't matter what the percentage cited is, though, as Peter has to ignore it to keep on the schtick that all Muslims are guilty for the actions of a tiny fraction of Muslims.

Well, it does kind of matter what % and not because of someone in this thread. I would expect it to be under 1% hence my reaction.

Other than that, Nicko summed it up. The thing is that there will probably always be those with opposing view and they will not have change of mind regardless of reasoning. I am not going to read 30 pages when I know on page 1 what the result will be. For all practical purposes this is not scientific question but rather political one. The poll was fitting as if this issue was decided in reality it would be decided politically not scientifically. In such case, Peter's or whoever's asking for "regulation" concerns are legitimate: his opinion has the same (voting) power as anyone else.