Posted: Jul 15, 2015 12:30 pm
by Peter Brown
Spearthrower wrote:

Oh, they only close the violent ones, do they Peter? I wonder why that is.... do you think it's because it would be unreasonable to close all pubs due to the violence of a few?

and if it was, and all the pubs were violent or had the 'looks violent sort go there' you'd close them, I know that is human nature to close them. It is no different to banning smoking in public places, you don't like the potential harm smoking does, so eventually you ban more and more venues until you ban the product. You are the person saying smoking is bad not everyone gets cancer and if you disagree with ST its a strawman it doesn't count.

It's not only the synagogues and schools which have the police preventing Jews being mugged, it's all of society having the police prevent everyone from getting mugged. Getting mugged is undesirable, that's why we have police officers to deal with it.

I did try to do a little into this and the most I could get was the attacks were made by brown Asian looking people and a few whites. This was in Jewish media outlets, the general media is incredibly silent on the suspects and only ever briefly mentions the rise in anti Jewish violence, just like they are very silent with the latest round of paedophiles rings being pointed at.

I personally think the anti Israel and pro Gaza movement being run by certain ‘known’ Muslim groups is triggering the attack. This is all just being a bigot for you, so easy to ignore the attacks. But it wasn’t just neo Nazi skinheads doing it. Maybe the police agreed with this assessment as they increased the protection after Charlie Hebdo massacre and not because skinheads had a recent ragga comeback movement.

Maybe if they closed the local Mosques these thugs wouldn’t be spoon fed the anti Jewish bile from the Quran?

Would you like to support that supposedly real world contention with some real world evidence?

Can’t, its news from local counsel flyers written by the Residents Association. Besides I would be very uncomfortable to say exactly where I live and such information would give away too many clues. I really do live near people who have supported ISIS and other Islamic extremists and even though a few of these Muslims are in jail or fighting abroad I recon my well being would be at risk if they knew where I lived! I have received death threats online from Muslims abroad when confronting the violent teachings of Muhammad.

Peter Brown wrote:.... and the smaller one nearer to me is desperate for donations because the Saudi’s didn’t back them like the mega Mosque Muslims.

All religious clerical institutions beg for money - clergy are parasites on the human organism

Which is why I welcome the Tories looking into Muslim charities as not all that money is going to 'good causes' as they found out a few support terrorist activities. We are not just talking Imams, it is the current trend now for Muslims to say Dawah, post a few vidoes having a go at other faiths or athiest then beg for money. Quite a few of them associate with known hate preachers, hate preaching Mosques and have been banned from speaking at public events. Again you'll just say your a bigot, but it is really going on, and this wasn't so 30 years ago, but 30 years ago the money wasn't being pumped in from Saudi and Pakistan to fund Wahhabi and Salifist Mosques.

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