Posted: Jul 15, 2015 12:37 pm
by Sendraks
Peter Brown wrote:
Which is why I welcome the Tories looking into Muslim charities as not all that money is going to 'good causes' as they found out a few support terrorist activities.

I think we all approve of this. No one wants charities to fund terrorism. No one wants a charity to misappropriate their funds.

Peter Brown wrote:Again you'll just say your a bigot,

Not on the basis of your first sentence. There is nothing bigoted about careful scrutiny of charities to ensure they're behaving as a charity should. The bigotry begins when you say things like...

Peter Brown wrote:Quite a few of them associate with known hate preachers, hate preaching Mosques and have been banned from speaking at public events.

Quite a few? Which is basically you saying "many" of them. Given that you can't evidence this, all you're doing is saying that many of these charities associate with known hate preachers etc etc. That is a bigoted thing to say.

Peter Brown wrote: but it is really going on, and this wasn't so 30 years ago, but 30 years ago the money wasn't being pumped in from Saudi and Pakistan to fund Wahhabi and Salifist Mosques.

Don't say its "really going on" because this sounds like a whiny plead. Evidence this. Provide information that supports the claim you are making, because otherwise it just reads as:

"they're really, really bad. please believe me when I say they're really bad. because they're really bad."

This is not persuasive.