Posted: Jul 15, 2015 12:53 pm
by Peter Brown
my logic once more

If the Qur'an is a book of currently criminal ideas in some countries then people who practice those criminal activites should face the judge.

If a criminal organisation meet in a hall to promote criminal ventures, then they should be denied access to that hall.

Calling your criminal organisation a religion, or hiding behind hangalongs is not nor ever should be an excuse to evade justice if you break the law or promote breaking the law of the land.

People who support criminal organisations and don't wish them to face the judge for breaking the law are as guilty as the criminal; they are aiding and abetting crimes o take place.

Calling someone a criminal if they invite others to break the law with them is not being a bigit or a strawman or a true scotsman.

Stating what the religion tells the follower because it is a book is not a true Scotsman fallacy, it is just a plain simple reality that the book they believe is from Allah is telling them to do crimes. Pretending that it wasn’t is aiding and abetting the crimes to carry on.

Why do some Muslims not follow the Qur'an as writen? Maybe they fear the punishment of man more than that of Allah, the whole bedrock of Islam is the fear of Allah has to be greater than the fear of men. Yep that's in there too.