Posted: Jul 15, 2015 1:14 pm
by Spearthrower
Peter Brown wrote:No idea, its tip of the iceburg stuff.

No, that's an evasion.

I am asking you how many Muslims FACTUALLY engage in extremist violence. That is, there are hard facts about this, not the produce of your belly-button.

You do have an idea as I've cited various sources for it - unless, of course, you ignored the evidence which contradicts your claims.

Peter Brown wrote:It is like how many Muslims support Anjem Choudrey marches and his band of nutters?

Red herring.

Peter Brown wrote:How many think like Choudrey, talk like Choudrey but never met Choudrey?

Red herring.

Peter Brown wrote:How many people on your street will break some law this week? How many because god told them to?

The fact that a significant percentage of them will break some law this week not because god told them to shows that it's not just god-believers who commit crimes.

Which, while indicative of the same failure of reasoning you've applied to Muslims, is still a red herring.

Peter Brown wrote:It is a madness you can only see when its too late

You don't judge and penalize people before they commit a crime.