Posted: Jul 15, 2015 1:56 pm
by Sendraks
Peter Brown wrote:and I say it is more because they are forbiden to by non Muslim rules to follow the Quran, and bloody good thing too.
You need to go to a Muslim nation to see how Sharia in action, Sharia unchained or in chains[/quite]

sharia law =/= qu'ran

Peter Brown wrote:Sharia is anti democratic, it is theocracy, it is whatever the Qur’an tells you Sharia is

No. Sharia law is a specific interpretation of the Qu'ran. Sharia law uses the Qu'ran as a justification that whatever laws it passes. It tells people to interpret the Qu'ran a specific way.

Also - whilst a nation may have sharia law, that doesn't mean everyone who lives there is happy living under that regime. The vast majority of muslims outside of those nations, have expressed no interest in establishing sharia law where they live now, because they've moved to get away from such an oppressive regime.

In a tiny minority of places, we see a minority trying to encourage the local muslim populace to enact sharia law, but it has very little traction and very little success.

Because the muslims don't want it.
Because it doesn't fit with their interpretation of Islam.

Now, like you I am all for zero tolerance on anyone trying to establish sharia law here in the UK. I'm happy for this to quashed under the heavy jackboots of secular intolerance for woo based bullshit and the fact that we have laws developed on a secular basis (mostly). I'd say this for anyone trying to establish a "pro-Christian zone" or some sort of Jewish law area as well. Its all bullshit and shouldn't be tolerated.

I would also agree with you that, Sharia law is particularly nasty at present compared to the extremist views of other faiths. It wasn't always thus, but right here and now it is and in the areas it manifests, it needs to be stopped.