Posted: Jul 15, 2015 2:38 pm
by Spearthrower
Peter Brown wrote: And 72% of people wanting to bring Sharia is a good thing???

Sounds democratic, Peter - what's wrong with democracy? Who the fuck are you to judge whether the people of Indonesia should live by laws they prefer or not?

Seems like you'd be just overjoyed if a Muslim Indonesian told British people that they should live under Sharia, you'd be up in arms. But when you make that same decision, it's good. :crazy:

Peter Brown wrote:What about the 28% the poor sods who don’t want to be a Muslim?

Well, except in crackpot fantasy land, it's not like they're going to become Muslim were these laws changed. I live in Thailand, I am not Buddhist. Odd that.

Democracy IS the rule of the majority, Peter. Look around your own society for ample examples of this. And the norms you way to enforce on subgroups in your society is hypocrtical when you whine about a non-Muslim group who you envision as being disadvantaged because of Muslim law.

As always, your position is so thoroughly self-defeating, it's a wonder you don't explode in a puff of self-contradiction.

Peter Brown wrote:Except when Muslims demand it apples to Christians which happened in Malaysia recently over Muslims converting to Christianity.

Sense, your sentence makes not.

Peter Brown wrote:Islam is intolerant of every other belief system because... it says that is the way to treat other religious beliefs in the Qur'an

As it does with the OT, as we've shown you. However, having already dismissed this transparently fallacious special pleading a dozen times before, I can't expect it's going to permeate any further this time.

What's more interesting is to highlight your hypocrisy and the absurd irony of your argumentation.

Here you are trying to stamp down on Muslim's right to practice their religion, by complaining about incidences on the other side of the world in those terribly repressive Muslim countries who do something similar.

It's like you would actually prefer the United Kingdom to act like that! That's the hilarity of your argument - the very thing you're pointing at as bad is the very thing you want to enact.

What a load of clownery you must listen to in order to be spouting out this unexamined nonsense.

Peter Brown wrote:and no true Muslim follows the Qur'an do they :)

You still don't even understand what No True Scotsman means, right? Because, as with much of the rest of your posts, this sentence is completely unintelligible if you are using the term correctly.