Posted: Sep 08, 2015 8:02 pm
by lucek
Oeditor wrote:
Alan B wrote:If the ink can be tested and is found to be earlier than Mo, then that would suggest that Mo was a plagiarist.
Suggest? There;s no doubt about it - half the stuff in the Koran is pinched from Jewish or Christian stories. Not a little from the Ancient Greeks, either.
As or the mss, I'm surprised that they say it's on "sheep or goat skin": compared with what they'd need for C14 dating, a mere snippet should give them enough DNA to answer that question. It's also surprising that nothing has been said about whether it could be a palimpsest - surely a critical factor with such mss. Can we assume that the author knows her job and has excluded it?

I assume that's why they want to date the ink. But yeah C14 the skin before bothering to test the ink. The ink should be the confirmation of the age not the test.