Posted: Sep 20, 2015 1:00 pm
by Peter Brown
kennyc wrote:No it doesn't. It depends on the science.

well, no. Science can't talk about something that isn't there can it, so you do get a few best guesses vs the official Islamic line on such matters.

For instance the official Muslim line is Mecca is located in Saudi Arabia.

The Orientalist scientific party line believe the Muslims on this. (pre 1980)

The new post Orientalist scientific party line is Mecca could never be located in Saudi Arabia because Olives don't grow there, at all, so this can't be the town Muhammad is quoted as saying it had olive plantations. Then you get the best guesses as to where the real Mecca might have been, all speculation, no evidence, just the observation that no olives grow that far south and other little oddities in the Quran that point to a Mecca located more to the north..

The debate is still hot between the Orientalist tradition and the post Orientalist communities and will be until a sign with this is Mecca pop xxxx Muhammed s tent third on the right is found in the desert.