Posted: Oct 04, 2015 9:15 pm
by tolman
Oeditor wrote:
tolman wrote:If someone can believe in Allah, and in Mohammed being his messenger, what's to stop them believing that Allah provided one or more scribes with magically-old animal skins and ink to help people identify those Muslims whose faith isn't strong enough, or believing that someone found a convenient stack of old animal skins to write on?
Well, there are pople who will believe anything. But just as we reiterate things here that most of us agree on to inform lurkers, it's important to expose nonsense in the sight of believers. Perhaps more importantly is establishing for non-Muslims that Islam, like all religions, has feet of clay and that, in consequence, 1.2 billion people are no more enlightened than the rest but equally deluded. Or, perhaps, even more deceived.

I just don't think it's the case that even if an date definitively predating Mohammed was found it would 'devastate' Islam, since all manner of explanations are available which require massively less faith than believing in Islam in the first place does, from believing the results are human errors or lies, or have been falsified by Allah as a test, though to their being genuine yet having explanations similar to the ones I mentioned, among others.

One could argue that such a hypothetical result should devastate Islamic belief, but essentially from a perspective where one already thinks that various things Muslims do believe are, rationally speaking, things they shouldn't believe.