Posted: Feb 18, 2016 10:33 am
by quisquose
The pdf results of the survey are here: ... t_2016.pdf

This is how 5Pillars introduce their "groundbraking report": ... m-leaders/

An independent survey commissioned by 5Pillars has revealed that an overwhelming consensus exists amongst influential British Muslims about their faith.

The survey which was carried out by market research company PCP asked participants to state their level of agreement to 95 statements categorised under twelve subject areas about Islamic beliefs and practices.

The findings were compiled and entitled the ‘Normative Islam Report’, which was published earlier today at the London Muslim Centre.

Out of a list of 352 British Muslim leaders which was submitted to PCP by 5Pillars, 150 completed the survey.

So now we know what 'normative' Islam is. It's the same as 5Pillars' conservative Islam apparently. Who would have guessed?