Posted: Mar 10, 2016 1:03 pm
by igorfrankensteen
Minor additional factoid about this nonsense:

are you aware that 100% of any and ALL important documents ever printed, written, painted, photographed or otherwise brought into existence...

... were ALL put on to paper or other media, which was made BEFORE the writer/creator decided to write?

Granted, the paper you use today, is usually less than a year old, but it's still older than your penmanship. And the point is, that paper and especially the kind of material that people transcribed "holy" stuff on to in the distant past, used to be very expensive, and took time to get a hold of. Especially the "good stuff," which was created to write important things on.

In the modern era, if you pay attention, you will occasionally and repeatedly run across situations where a forger has managed to fool people in to thinking some document is very old, when they just made it yesterday, because they got their hands on some very old paper or parchment to create it on. One favorite trick, is to go to a big library with lots of VERY old books, and steal the blank front and rear pages out of them. The guy who was jailed for murder and forgery after faking a number of Mormon religious documents, as well as some religiously worshiped American political documents, used this technique.

So even if the paper this bit of Koran was written on was found to be hundreds of years older than the writer, it STILL wouldn't mean anything.