Posted: Mar 15, 2016 12:31 am
by aliihsanasl
I wish people could convince ─░lber Ortayl─▒ for the carbon testing of Muhammad's materials. We have hair, tooth, dress lots of material but he said " I don't want it to share the same fate as Torino shroud"

Also there are people who claim that they're from his descend, actually many not reliable because I heard from 3 different nationalities that they're relative with him.

There are too many claims and people don't want to question their belief but I can't say his story is much more handy than any other prophets life.

At least we have a grave, his house and the things that belong him.

What I don't understand some atheists mention the names of the 2 Greek philosophers who have teaching to him in Hira mountain, tell the names of the social groups which he became member then another group say just because written literature belong to 8th century Quran had no connection with Muhammad. There are verses about how to live and lead Islamic groups and fight the wars that happened in 7th century. How we'll explain these ?

I watched the documentary named "Islam the untold story" but to tell the truth it looked a little biassed.

I can't explain why such an important figure never had autobiography in the 7th century or only 17 people took place in his funeral although there was more than a hundred thousands during his farewell but what does that proves us ?