Posted: Apr 02, 2016 4:03 pm
by tuco
don't get me started wrote:All three Abrahamic religions are predicated on the unaccountability of god towards humans. To endorse unaccountable power is a deeply immoral act.
As a worldview, this fundamental flaw seriously undermines any claims that the Abrahamic religions may make towards being moral, no matter their claims of tolerance, love, forgiveness or whatever other window dressing they want to put on show, now and again, sometimes, off and on.
To plagiarize Orwell, imagine a sandal, stamping on a human face forever.

I tend to agree that religion(s) is not answer, however, its present here and the question is how to deal with it.

Seems to me, based on my observations and experiences, that we (Europeans with deeply rooted Christian traditions/values influencing our legal system and world view) take the view there is nothing to be learned from Islam, Islamic traditions, values and culture. I am lead to believe that is not so and I am also lead to believe that accommodating (religious) minorities in our societies, especially with regards to human rights, could be beneficial to our societies.

I see this thread in above context, what can we learn from each other and/or another, rather than declaring perceived superiority. The only measurable progress in our societies, I recognize, is technological progress. Faster, higher, stronger. In this sense, its clear who is superior and who is not. Science.