Posted: Jun 29, 2016 4:03 pm
by tuco
Al-Fatihah wrote:
tuco wrote:
Al-Fatihah wrote:

Lets substitute prayer for meditation. Fasting for healthy diet. Charity is charity so is discipline and compassion. Well, it could produce some results. Now, doing all this, is believing in Allah needed to for it to produce results?

Response: There is a difference between getting results, and the best way to get results. Exercise get can help lose weight. Dieting can help lose weight. Diet and exercise is the better way to lose weight. Similarly, you can achieve good and have good results without believing in Allah. Yet it is not the best way, nor will it get you into paradise.

I see, well, I do not actually want to get to paradise so that is not an issue.

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Without reading them as titles are self-explanatory, any comments? Anything unique/specific, without paradise and except the 5 pillars, about being Muslim? For example, there are provisions in Islam about treating guests. Anything like that in your practice of Islam in day to day life?