Posted: Feb 19, 2017 4:28 am
by cavarka9
quas wrote:
cavarka9 wrote:the criteria shud be on coming out as atheist & actual atheist,

The problem is that the atheist community has been infected by the PC virus. Thus far, only Sam Harris dan Dawkins argue vehemently for atheism, and yet they are openly shamed within their own community for being "racist" or "islamaphobic". Sam Harris argued convincingly in his book "End of Faith" that if one chooses to accept certain religious doctrine as truth, then it logically entails that one should be intolerant towards other religion. Sam's argument is that believing in Islam necessitates its followers to be terrorists. But, we can't accept that, because we know some good Muslims, some of us even have moderate Muslims as friends.

or use the moronic argument, that if u agree with donal trump on islam, u r a bigot!. moronic logic , u can see the quality of indian standards pc, which is far more pathetic than western standard of which it is but a pathetic copy implemented even more pathetically by this lady

look the moderator is an Indian anchor, she pretty much basically says that ayan agreeing to trump indicates bigotry. really, if u ask whether 10+10 =20, a bigot says its 20, a serial killer says its 20, hitler says its 20, then pc crowd will scream at us for saying its 20. This is a fact and a reality. Unfortunately thats what this is. But its post modernism which is the real enemy. Also I must say the entire humanities dept, entire humanities dept chose not to build their ideas on science. tried to instead do it for social justice or something else, hence complete failure.