Posted: Feb 19, 2017 1:34 pm
by quas
cavarka9 wrote:look the moderator is an Indian anchor, she pretty much basically says that ayan agreeing to trump indicates bigotry. really, if u ask whether 10+10 =20, a bigot says its 20, a serial killer says its 20, hitler says its 20, then pc crowd will scream at us for saying its 20. This is a fact and a reality. Unfortunately thats what this is. But its post modernism which is the real enemy. Also I must say the entire humanities dept, entire humanities dept chose not to build their ideas on science. tried to instead do it for social justice or something else, hence complete failure.

The problem is motive. I don't agree with Trump, because that asshole is exploiting anti-religious sentiments for his own political agenda. Whereas Sam Harris has perfectly rational reason for being anti-religion. So rational, in fact, that it convinces you it's the humane thing to do. The way to distinguish between them is that, an opportunistic politician flip-flops. They always do. For example: not all Muslim-migrants are banned, only those coming from countries that Trump has no business dealings with.