Posted: Feb 20, 2017 2:52 am
by quas
cavarka9 wrote:Point about valuing honesty is that even if a bigot says something is true, one shud acknowledge that to be so to that extent & disagree with him on everything else. Else we become enemies of truth.

I think that's why Dawkins and Sam Harris are shunned these days. They didn't distance themselves from people who adopted atheistic viewpoints to advance unsavory political agendas. Because of that, some people even think that they embraced that sort of bigoted political douchebaggery (American imperialism, white supremacy, xenophobia, etc). Whether people's perceptions of them is accurate or not, has become irrelevant. It's really important to not let your good ideas be rejected by the public, by not allowing your good ideas to be hijacked by opportunistic politicians.