Posted: Jan 25, 2018 9:36 am
by quas
Cito di Pense wrote:What you think you know is not diagnostic of anything. Playing guessing games with you does not make the story more interesting. Staying or leaving inevitably involves personal issues.

That's especially true when the religion involved is Islam. There's just something about Islam that makes it different than any other religion on this planet. In fact, unlike any other religion, Islam isn't a religion. This is especially true considering how it is practiced by most people these days. I would say she left Islam because she attempted to practice it as a religion.

That said, it's a very interesting (but enthusiastically personal) account. The question we really want to ask is why anyone stays in Islam, and she has offered no insights of her own about that (because it's a personal account, only about her experience). We already think we know a lot of the answers to that question, and there's nothing in her account that offers further insight.

There are many reasons why she quit. One of the main ones being her frustrations at being unable to gain approval from within her own community. She was too hardcore for them. Had she been surrounded by the more hardcore types, there's a good chance she would have stayed.

She almost said something cogent about liberal practitioners, but finally, did not want to go there.

Because the blasphemy law is still in full effect in Indonistan, she had to censor herself a lot. She started the video with the disclaimer that she is not making the video to influence anyone, because the blasphemy law specifically warns against "influencing" people to leave their religion. She is a Canadian citizen, I don't think they could jail her, lest they risk starting an international incident. Still, she has to be careful, because there are more dangerous things to worry about than the official legal system of Indonistan.

It would be true of liberal practitioners of any religion. The fundies just want to get it right. Too bad for them it isn't mathematics.

Getting it right is the easy part, but to practice it 24/7 daily knowing full well that it goes against everything in this world. That constant inner conflict is not easy for the digestive system, to say the least. I mean, when you are so stressed all the time, you are bound to be constipated. And... constipated folks are more miserable than suicidal ones.