Posted: Jan 25, 2018 10:45 am
by Cito di Pense
quas wrote:
Thomas Eshuis wrote:
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Cito di Pense wrote:What you think you know is not diagnostic of anything. Playing guessing games with you does not make the story more interesting. [i]
That's especially true when the religion involved is Islam. There's just something about Islam that makes it different than any other religion on this planet. In fact, unlike any other religion, Islam isn't a religion. This is especially true considering how it is practiced by most people these days. I would say she left Islam because she attempted to practice it as a religion.

Can you provide evidence for those claims?

Of course, but first you have to guess what I mean by "Islam is not a religion".

To help you guess, I think the previous post probably could do with a minor correction. Instead of saying "staying or leaving inevitably involves personal issues", it's more apt to say that, when it comes to Islam, staying or leaving may involve issues greater than personal.

Well, if some people stay and some people leave, that suggests the issues are personal ones. You could certainly say that some people treat Islam as more than a religion, but other religions have rules about food and clothing, too. For the people who observe the dietary rules and dress code, it's undetermined whether they do it because they think they might be worrying god, or whether they are just concerned about worrying their fellow congregants. If your ambition is to make grand generalisations, try physics.

It's true that Islam has attracted rule-makers that like to make lots and lots of rules. This tends to snowball by attracting people with religious fetishes and OCD at the same time. This is not unheard of in other religions, either.

quas wrote:Had she been surrounded by the more hardcore types, there's a good chance she would have stayed.

That's a quintessentially personal issue involving how one responds to social pressure. This is the story of someone who attempted to integrate, and not of someone who attempted to escape. Try to find the anecdote of someone who finds being immersed in Islamic culture impossible to overcome. That should be easy for you.