Posted: Jan 26, 2018 11:09 am
by Thomas Eshuis
zulumoose wrote:
Can you provide evidence for that claim? Because the Christian bible belts in multiple countries seem to suggest otherwise.

It is a general claim, one other religion in specific areas does not make a dent in it.

It does if your general claim explicitely excludes it from similar topics.
You can't say X is not Y, because Y is never a way of life, when there are many examples of Y being a way of life.

zulumoose wrote: I would submit that the vast majority of Christians live the vast majority of their life in ways not distinguishable from their non-religious peers, except for church attendance and get-togethers.

And how does that change the fact of whether Christianity is a religion or not?

zulumoose wrote: They dress, eat, work, and usually socialise without noticeable religious influence, even marrying without forced religious compatibility. In short Christians are generally not fanatical, religion is elevator music in their life, not their theme song.

Again, how does that make Islam not a religion?